Authorisation to publish images

The dissemination of images of cultural assets carried out without profit, for purposes of study, research, free expression of thought or creative expression, promotion of knowledge of cultural heritage, is free, provided that the images are legitimately acquired and disseminated so as not to to be able to be further reproduced.


This includes:

  1. publications with a print run of less than 2,000 copies and a price less than € 77.47 (the two conditions must exist simultaneously);
  2. periodicals of a scientific nature;
  3. exposure in open access exhibitions;
  4. online publications provided that they are free of advertising and free access.

In these cases it is only necessary to notify the State Archives with the appropriate form.


In the case of publications for profit-making purposes, with a print run of more than 2,000 copies or a price higher than € 77.47, the publication of images of an archival document or part of it, it is necessary to request authorization from the Directorate of the State Archives, using the appropriate form, adding € 16,00 in stamp duty and to pay the reproduction rights.

For each photo published in a one language edition circulated in only one State, the rates are as follows:

photo b / w ……………… euro 10.33

color photos …………. euro 51.65

For international publication rights, prices are tripled.

Flat rates can be agreed with the Management.


In all cases, the publication must state the exact archival signature of the reproduced document, the mention “by permission of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism” and the express warning of the prohibition of further reproduction or duplication by any means.

The publisher will also have to deliver a copy of the publication (whether in paper or digital format) to the State Archives.

For television and film shoots, the relative fee is to be agreed with the Management, based on the time required for the shooting.


How to pay the reproduction rights’ fees:


- click on Istituti Mibact
- select the Archivio di Stato di Prato from the drop-down menu of the participating Institutes
- select Diritti di riproduzione from the reason drop-down menu
enter the amount communicated by the Archive


  • via bank transfer, made out to Tesoreria provinciale dello Stato di Firenze – Prato  IBAN : IT 23E 01000 03245 319 1 29 2584 03 (for international bank transfers,  BIC code / SWIFT : BI TA IT RR ENT)  in the space reserved for the reason of payment(Causale del versamento) please indicate: fees for reproduction rights– capo XXIX cap. 2584 art. 3 – Prato State Archives and indicate the tax code (codice fiscale) of the  payer


  • via postal account (conto corrente postale) n. 13464540 made out to a Tesoreria provinciale dello Stato di Firenze – Prato in the space reserved for the reason of payment («Causale del versamento») please indicate: fees for reproduction rights– capo XXIX cap. 2584 art. 3 – Archivio di Stato di Prato.