Research Projects

The State Archive of Prato has recently launched two new projects to enhance the documentary heritage preserved at the Institute:

  • RESTORE (smaRt accESs TO digital heRitage and mEmory)

The project, co-financed by the Tuscany Region, is based on a partnership between the CNR-OVI, the State Archives of Prato, the Palazzo Pretorio Museum, the Archival and Bibliographic Superintendence of Tuscany and Space S.p.a..

RESTORE has as its main purpose the recovery, integration and accessibility of data and digital objects produced in the last twenty years by its partners, in order to build a knowledge base on the history of the city of Prato and its institutions, the development of its economic and entrepreneurial fabric, the role of women in the development of the citizen welfare network.

Advanced research tools will make the resources easily accessible remotely and reusable in different forms (scientific research, genealogical research, teaching, scientific dissemination).













  • THE ROOTS OF PRATO. History of a community

The project is managed by the State Archives of Prato in collaboration with the association the ASPo – Friends of the State Archives of Prato with the support of the Cassa di Risparmio di Prato Foundation.

The main objective is the enhancement of the city’s archival heritage, starting with access to the digital images of a first part of the accounting records of the Datini fund and of the records relating to abandoned children in the Misericordia e Dolce Hospital fund. In parallel, data (names, places, roles, etc.) that can be read and used for the representation of the Prato population over the centuries will be extrapolated.

These activities are also possible thanks to the work of two Japanese researchers, Mr. and Mrs. Sunaga, who have been working on Datinian accounting registers for years.

The registers that will be published first are those of the Fondaco di Firenze, relating to Datini’s mercantile activity.


intestazione_carta_aspologo fondazione