Reading Room Guidelines

  1. Upon entering the Reading Room, all visitors are required to sign the Visitors Register, indicating their profession and nationality.
  2. All visitors are required to leave any bags in the lockers provided.
  3. Mobile Phones must be kept on ‘silent’ or ‘off’ mode.
  4. No food or drink is to be consumed in the Reading Room.
  5. All visitors are asked to respect the other users and be silent.
  6. Inventories are freely available to scholars, but removing them from the  Reading Room is not permitted.
  7. Consultation of documents is limited to one single piece at a time.
  8. Any action which could undermine the integrity of the documentary material is prohibited. Affixing signs or numbers on the papers is not permitted. Visitors are invited to use the bookstands and leaflets which help to preserve the documents by avoiding contact with them.
  9. Altering the order of the papers and the files in any way is not permitted.
  10. In any type of publication it is obligatory to include the quotation of the source (including research tools when they contain the text or a portion of it). Please note that adherence to copyright law is the responsibility of the scholar.
  11. Scholars who use documentary material are asked to send a copy of the final publication or dissertation to the Archive. For the latter, the scholar can establish the conditions of use.