Photo Reproductions

It is free, submacchinaFotoject to authorization, the photo reproduction of the pieces being consulted, carried out by the users in the study room, without flash or tripods, without profit, for purposes of study, research, free expression of thought or creative expression, promotion of knowledge of the cultural heritage.

(References: L. August 4, 2017, No. 124 which amended Article 108 of the Cultural Heritage Code; circular_n._33_2017 and circular_n._39_2017 of the General Directorate of Archives)


Remote requests
The Archives do not have a photographic laboratory, but it is possible to obtain non-professional images for free, relating to material of which the Archives own the reproductions, writing to: as-po@beniculturali. it

It is also possible to make reproductions by assigning a professional photographer, upon request authorized by the Direction.


Images from the Datini website online

To obtain digital reproductions from the Datini database, please fill out the form and send it via email to:


To obtain legal copies (certified copies relating, for example, to succession records and / or judicial documents), the relative application must be presented personally to the State Archive accompanied by a € 16.00 revenue stamp. The compliant copies, made by the State Archive, will be issued in paper made legal by the affixing of a € 16.00 revenue stamp for every four sheets.