Photo Reproductions

The Archive does not have a photographic laboratory, and as such visitors are permitted to photograph the documents (without flash), or to hire a photographer to take photos.

However, before proceeding visitors are required to seek the authorisation of the Archive Director by completing the form found on this page and by paying the associated fees.



macchinaFotoTo take your own photographs of the Archives documents (excluding the papers in the Datini Archive)


For example, for each archival unit photographed (regardless of the number of pages) payment of EUR 3.00 is required.

The user must provide a copy of images made (print or CD)

Download  ’Request for autonomous photographic copy – pdf’



bolloFor copies of a  legal nature (for example, relating to matters of inheritance and/or judicial acts), the application must be submitted with stamp duty. The copies (made ​​by the State) will be issued in paper and made ​​legal by the attachement of one revenue stamp (marca da bollo) for every four pages.

Download ‘True copy – pdf’




To obtain copies of the digital image database (Datini Archive  CD-ROM “Per la tua Margherita”, or other digital images available, rates are as follows:


- up to 2 Mb ………….. € 3.00
- between 2 and 6 Mb ………..€ 9,00
- over 6 Mb …………. € 12.00

The images will be sent via e-mail or delivered by via usb or CD supplied by the user.

Download ‘Request for digital reproduction – pdf’