Restriction of consultation

The documents preserved in the State Archives are freely available for consultation, with the exception of those indicated below, protected by confidentiality statutes as provided for in Article 21 of the Presidential Decree of the Italian Republic (DPR) 30 September 1963, No. 1409 and by the Legislative Decree (DL) 30 July 1999, No.281, Article 8, Paragraph 2.

  1. Confidential documents which concern foreign or internal State politics become available fifty years after their date of origin.
  2. Documents containing personal data (so-called ‘sensitive data’) provided for in Articles 22 and 24 of Act 31 December 1996, No. 675, become publicly available forty years after their date of origin; this limit is increased to seventy years  if the document contains information which reveals details about states of health, sex life, or familial relationships.
  3. Documents relating to criminal proceedings in the last seventy years, with the exception of verdicts, which are public and freely available for consultation.

Any consultation before the terms of the access date for research purposes,  may be authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, after receiving consent from the Director of the State Archives and the Commission for issues relating to the consultation of confidential documents, established within the Ministry of the Interior.

The Archive Director may temporarily exclude documents and/or photo-reproductions from consultation if he or she deems it necessary for their conservation.