Friends of the State archives of Prato


The Association L’ASPO – Friends of the State Archives of Prato was established in Prato on January 24, 2019 and is based in Palazzo Datini, at the State Archives of Prato, via ser Lapo Mazzei, 41.

The Association operates non-profit and with cultural purposes with the aim to:


  • promote the broadest knowledge of archival and cultural heritage in order to raise awareness among the scientific community and the entire citizenry on the value of preserving Archives for the history of the city and the territory;
  • guarantee a concrete support to the activity of protection and enhancement of the documentary heritage exercised by the State Archives of Prato through the organization of cultural initiatives, the financing and assistance in the planning of interventions on archival funds, the purchase of means and equipment and the preparation of all those initiatives useful for the improvement and strengthening of the services provided by the State Archives;
  • promote cultural enhancement initiatives, also in collaboration with public and private bodies and associations.