Opening hours of the document exhibition in Palazzo Datini

From Monday 13 January, the document exhibition at the Prato State Archives will be open to the public at the following times: from Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 1:00pm, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons: from 3:00pm t0 5:00pm  Entrance: 41 Via ser Lapo

A goose feather pen

Someone forgot his goose feather pen in the bundle of Prato’s court, after having finished writing in and annotating a letterbook in 1831, ……….A scholar in the Reading Room rediscovered it just a few days ago.

Papers and belongings of a condemned man

In 1690 Antonio Giuliani was sentenced to be executed. The tribunal ordered the inventory of the contents of his house. His belongings were sold at auction. His papers, evidence of his debts, and his keys were conserved in a burlap sack which found