Research Grants

The State Archive of Prato is a partner of the CNR in the RESTORE project (smaRt accESs TO digital heRitage and mEmory), co-financed by the Tuscany Region’s project for the autonomy of young people.

The project involves the Istituto Opera del Vocabolario Italiano, the State Archive of Prato, the Museum of Palazzo Pretorio in Prato, the Archival and Bibliographic Superintendency of Tuscany and SPACE s.p.a. (co-financing partner).

RESTORE’s goal is to recover and systematize existing resources, structure them according to the FAIR approach, integrate them with new data and digital objects and make them accessible with innovative methods, making them more easily navigable and understandable. The project will work on a rich documentary collection, not limited to the Datini collection, in order to get into the major themes deeply rooted in Prato’s and Tuscany’s history: the production fabric, the welfare network, the role of women in both of these contexts, abandoned childhood.

Attached is the announcement for the two research grants with the methods of participation (deadline 14/05/2020).